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Barrel Aged Cold Brew

This is one post where words are going to fall short in describing the amazing views and the beauty of Holland, Michigan. The west side of the state holds in one of the most pristine bodies of water in the country while its landscape is a foundation for small beach towns, wonderful food, and north country adventure. The amount of opportunities for adventure fitness is staggering. From mountain biking, hiking, and fishing, name it. I promise you, there will be much more posts and videos on Michigan (Ludington at the end of the month), but here's our FITNESS | FOOD | FUEL for Holland.


Kyla put the team on her back for this one. You guys ever walk up a couple flights of stairs and are a little concerned about how out of breath you are? Yeah, Kyla's not going to give you any sympathy. There is a system of stairs that lead up Mt. Pisgah Dune right outside of Holland State Park. As you can see to my right >>>> these stairs are not to be trifled with. They are basically Michigan's Great Wall of China. I got this picture from the internet but this view doesn't even capture all the stairs. All this to say, Kyla ran up and down them twice. So this was our intentional fitness portion of our getaway to Holland. What's that? Your thinking, why didn't I run up the stairs as well? Well somebody had to take video and pictures....and I'm not insane. In all seriousness, this kind of thing is a perfect example of sustaining your workouts. Its hard to keep up a routine while traveling and with whatever life throws at you. Take a step back, look at what you have available, attack any fitness opportunity you see, and enjoy the view from the top, so to speak. Kyla got a great workout while on vacation and got to experience an amazing view from the top of the dune. Job well done!


I done goofed. Our food portion were these amazing barbacoa street tacos that my brother-in-law, Jeremy, made. I mean he spent all day preparing the meat...straight smothered the meat with a special marinade sauce, seared it on the grill, then let it slow cook in the crock pot until it was obnoxiously tender. Then we had our choosing of avocado, freshly graded cheese, sautéed onions and peppers, fresh cilantro, sour cream, lettuce, the sauce that the meat was cooked in, and flour or corn tortillas. The spread was amazing...buuuuutttttt Kyla and I were so excited that we ate it all and forgot to take a picture of it before it was to late. Do I regret it? No...not at all. It tasted amazing, and you all will just have to take our word for it.


This was the most unique iced coffee I think I ever had in Zeeland, Michigan...Zeeland is right next to Holland so it still counts for this post...The coffee shop was called Drip Coffee and it was nice, charming, modern, and had a great location right off of the main drag. Anyways, they carry a barrel aged cold brew. Super unique and very intriguing. They let me sample it first, and sure enough it was awesome. What they also said, which I loved, was that the biggest I could get was a 14 ounce because of how strong the caffeine content was. I was a little weary at first, because come on...they didn't know who they were dealing with, but that little guy got the ol' motor humming. Great place, great taste, and a great caffeine kick in the butt.

Holland, Michigan Ladies and Gentlemen. Seriously though, check out the video in our YouTube channel here so you can see the views and not just read about them. Remember to subscribe to the blog and the YouTube channel, and until next time, God Bless and follow your fitness. #hollandmichigan #hollandstatepark #zeelandmichigan #budgettravel #adventurefitness #vagabondfit

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