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Cheat a Little

Some places just feel like you are coming home. You know that feeling of a warm hug? Well, Middlebury is one warm hug of a town. Farmland that flows into meadows and dense woods makes for a stunning landscape. Couple the views with great food (doughnuts of course) and ample outdoor fitness opportunities and you have five stars from Kyle and I. It gets an extra star too because it is also home to our family. On our recent trip to visit Kyle's parents we decided to highlight some of the local charm


Kyle's parents live on a 70+ acre farm with almost 6 miles of biking/hiking trails through their woods. The woods have always been a place where I do my best spiritual evaluation and where I listen well to what the Father is telling me. So any chance I get to work out in the woods I jump at! *BONUS: This forest is also where Kyle and I got married*

The day we decided to do our trail run was terribly wet, but that didn't stop us! We each ran about 2 miles (Kyle a little more...kudos to him) in the pouring rain and O was it invigorating! Drenched clothes and squishy shoes at the end, but both with smiles on our faces.


Kyle and I had just ended a month of "reigning it in." So we tore it up, to say the least. We started the weekend off with a doughnut from Rise and Roll. We got so excited to eat them that Kyle may have missed his mouth on the first bite. He proudly wore the powder as a badge of honor the rest of the day.

For our dining experience we tried a local restaurant called 41 Degrees North. For such a small restaurant in a small town, we were blown away by the aesthetics, food and service. We ordered fried pickles and the house burger to share (we were trying to be good at this point). The pickles were crispy, well flavored and even had a delicious homemade ranch to dip them in. The burger was equally as delicious and big enough that we didn't mind sharing.


For our fuel we simply walked down a few shops from 41 Degrees North and entered a little coffee shop called The Legendary Grind. Again, amazing aesthetics and drinks to match. I ordered a mocha frappe and Kyle got his signature coffee on the rocks.

Our trip to northern Indiana was filled with family and fun. I will say, Kyle and I "lived it up" a little too much and when we returned home we were ready to get back on a steady diet. We are trying our hand at the Keto diet and excited to take on a new challenge! However, I do think little "cheat" trips are needed to keep us going.

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