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Climbing And Rafting In North Carolina

Being a coach at Indiana Wesleyan University has opened the door to learning, growth, relationships, and insight into what I love to do. Without a doubt, I love pouring into and walking alongside these athletes as they go through their 4 year chapter here at IWU. College is an amazing time in a young man or woman's life and it is an honor to be a part of that.

Our Head Coach (Caleb Snyder) and I took a group of athletes to a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina to dive into God's Word, the practice of 4 spiritual disciplines, and the best rivers and mountains the east side of this nation has to offer. Needless to say, it was a blast.


Hiking up a mountain always surprises me. It never fails to leave me breathless...from the view, but mostly the cardiovascular output on the way up. My goodness, inclines will get the best of em. We all booked it up Whiteside Mountain with a sense of urgency to discover the summit...the pace was...………..let's say brisk. The views were extremely expansive and they did not disappoint once we made it to the top. Picture after picture was taken but I'm not sure the depth of the landscape was truly captured. As you can see from the pics, it was a success.

The next physical activity we did was a first for me and was quite the experience. White water rafting the Nantahala River (we were all in individual rafts...affectionately referred to as duckies). It was an 8 mile stretch of class 1 and 2 runs and rapids that ended with class 3 falls right in sight of the original Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) and Rivers End Restaurant. I loved it. The run was fun, exciting, a little bit nerving heading up to the falls, and most of all....beautiful! We ran into a downpour about half way through the 8 miles and it made for a unique sensation of warm water coming down on us while freezing cold water from the rapids jumped into our laps and slapped us across our faces. The seemingly yin yang approach to this water activity was not as "bliss" as it may sound. It was great and I highly recommend using Carolina Outfitters if you're ever in Bryson City, NC and looking to raft.


Two words, Squash. Noodles. I had no idea they existed but better yet, how easy they are to make. You literally bake a squash and then scrape the meat of it out with a fork and it comes out in kind of a noodle like consistency. Then you simply apply any sauce your heart desires. Super healthy, super easy, and definitely worth a shout out. I'd also like to thank the ladies on our team that came with us for introducing me to this phenomenon. I am forever in your debt. It's the little things in life ladies in gentlemen.


Sorry, we didn't get to any coffee shops or anything on this trip. It was strictly brewed coffee over ice for this guy. Nothing fancy this week but hey, it will get you by in a pinch.

The trip was a serious growing time for all of us. I believe a great foundation and vision for the year was created. God's creation has a funny way of clearing the way for inspiration and direction. On that note I'm going to leave you guys with this sweet shot of a mountain stream. Follow your fitness!

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