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Here We Go...

We have taken the last month or so to spend time with family, to dive into our goals, and to dream up and cast vision for Vagabond Fit in 2019...basically we gathered our inner chi and made sure our yin matched our yang. In all seriousness, WE. ARE. PUMPED. Great things to come in 2019.

We want to focus more on showing you guys the behind the scenes and nitty gritty portion of our personal fitness journeys. (Part of our new approach to 2019 is our YouTube channel focusing of workouts and our fitness journey, check out the intro video here). The grind, the ups, the downs, the fails, and the wins are all part of it. Everyone will experience these things and everyone will have to pay their dues. So hopefully we can all stay accountable and motivated together!


My past fitness pursuits mainly consisted of calories, caffeine, and kilos. Slam weights and dinner plates baby! So as you can imagine, being a strength athlete, cardio was checked off by the completion of our team's warm up lap. Honestly, it was fun but not conducive for a fit or adventure motivated lifestyle. I got big, I got strong, but I was always looking over at the other half with intrigue and a little bit of jealousy. The other half was lean, mean, adventure machines. They could mountain bike for miles upon miles, go run a half marathon, and then top it off with an easy set of 20+ pull ups. I would have said hi to those people, but I was out of breath from my warm up lap. So I saw two sides to fitness: Side 1: Be big and strong but suck at cardio and wearing tight jeans. Side 2: Be jacked and in shape to be able to do any kind of cardio, and somehow always find an excuse to take your shirt off. It was a very narrow sighted point of view.

For me, Vagabond Fit is the bridge that unites those two sides and opens up my fitness journey to be so much more rich and full of potential. I want to be strong, lean, and in shape to mountain bike, hike, run a half marathon, or whatever the heck my heart desires. My goal is to never be held back by my fitness. I am going to be the best of both sides...enough said.


Kyla will check in on our blog next week and describe her point of view and where she is heading on her fitness journey. All that's left to do is to keep going and start moving towards progress. One of the things I say all the time in coaching is, "We need progress not perfection." Keep going, keep chasing, and keep achieving. Once again please check out the new video and subscribe to our You Tube channel! You can find it here. Stay classy and follow your fitness!

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