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How to Train for a Half Marathon

Have a little skin in the game. Take some ownership and put it on the line. So often with fitness goals, fear of failure steers us away from opportunities. What if I don’t do it? What if I fail? What if I tell people my plans but they change? So what. No big deal. What if you DO finish it? What if you absolutely crush it and accomplish your goal? What if you set out to do something and it happens? Pick that side. Take a gamble. Bet on yourself. Besides, we often forget about the beauty and the importance of the process. Even if you don’t reach your goal, I would bet money (not too much though) that you would be better off and further in the right direction than when you started, and how is that a bad thing? Enough rambling, lets get to it. How did Kyla train for her half? By then end of this blog I will share with you the secret of how Kyla trained and how she was successful.

How the race went.

Simply put, she nailed it. Her goals: Run the whole thing and get a time of 2:15 or lower. She ran the whole thing and plugged a smooth 2:13. Check 1 and Check 2. I was at the finish line waiting, with our daughter, and when Kyla crossed it, she seemed decently fine. I'm not saying she was up for another 13.1 miles or anything, but she was talking fine, fully composed, and already talking about her victory meal (we tore up some P.F. Changs later that day). I was a proud husband to say the least. What a day! Goals were met, food was on the horizon, and a sense of accomplishment was obvious. The kind that is only earned, not given.

How Kyla trained for the half marathon.

I will keep this short and sweet. Kyla downloaded a free training program from I linked the training plan in the previous sentence. Check it out! Kyla loved it. I will also say, she didn't follow it perfectly. Life happens and there were a couple workouts she had to miss, I mean she did the majority for sure, but the point is it's important to at least have a guideline. If you miss a workout or two because of some unforeseen circumstances, don't sweat it. Keep going, keep giving your best, and it will pay off.

The ***SECRET*** to success in training for a half marathon

Here it is: Start. Pick a goal, get some skin in the game (however that may look....verbal commitment, training buddies, personal accountability, etc.), and START the process. Learn from your past, train in the moment, and be fueled by the future. Give what you have in each PRESENT training moment. Roll with the punches, keep moving forward in the process, but most have to start.

Kyla did a great job of committing to the task of training. Part of this is because of her nature, she is very competitive. This has allowed her to accomplish some amazing things in her life. However, this also shows up during family games. When cards come out, don't cross her. Just ask my mother and her..."loose" playing. Another huge facet of her preparation was how she fueled her body, and this brings me to our food and fuel section where I will talk a little bit more from the healthy, not fun, spectrum of being an amateur foodie.

As promised...the FOOD and FUEL section of the weekly blogs.

This weeks food corner is going to showcase a home cooked meal. Charcoal grilled steak, sautéed vegetables, garden fresh cucumbers, and some advocados. Super healthy, super tasty, and all around winner of a meal. Incase anyone is wondering how I prepared and grilled the steak: 1. Let the steak sit in room temperature for 30ish minutes. 2. Pat dry with paper towel. 3. Hit 'em with a generous wave of sea salt and a smaller dashing of ground pepper (both sides). 4. Coat both sides in that extra virgin olive oil. 5. Get the grill real hot, leave it open, and go about 2 1/2-3 minutes on each side, and then your done. That will put you around the medium range for 1-1.5 inch thick steaks, and land you in the good graces of anyone who tastes them.

For the Fuel Station or Caffeine Corner (this will typically be a coffee review or a supplement/protein shake feature for future reference) we would like to give a shout out to muscle feast supplements and their hydrate product, Link to product in the previous sentence. We have no obligation or sponsorship with muscle feast. It's just what I use because that's what the track team I work for uses, and what Kyla took (the hydrate) right before the half. I love the supplements, clean ingredients, good prices, and good results. Hydrate is essentially an electrolyte supplement. I thought it did a great job for my wife, and I like it when I use it. Its not going to give anyone superhuman results, or shave minutes off miles, but it definitely pulls its weight in the roll of keeping you hydrated and free of cramps.

Sum it up already.

Remember, Pick goals and start. Start training and start moving forward in the process. Kyla did an amazing job of this with her half marathon and I am honored to have a front row seat to see what she does next. Don't let best become the enemy of better. Perfect your better and it just may become your best. As always, follow your fitness and stay tuned for more to come!


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