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Mountain Biking in Brown County Indiana

Hesitation Point Brown County Indiana
The Top of Hesitation Point

Nashville, Indiana continues to be one of our favorite getaways. When you have a recipe that consist of 1 part great restaurants, 2 parts artsy fartsy shops, and a whole heaping pile of wilderness and mountain bike have the fixins for a staple in your "getaway" quiver...and to make the recipe even better, add in a couple of your best friends. That was the ingredient list that made up our weekend in Brown County Indiana.

Although Nashville, Indiana has much to offer, this time around we focused more on diving into the mountain bike side of things. What's that you ask? We didn't take advantage of the spoils of downtown Nashville? Don't be ridiculous, of course we ate at Big Woods Pizza and had amazing coffee on the rocks at the Daily Grind, but I want to give you guys a glimpse into what to expect if you plan on mountain biking in Brown County, Indiana. So here we go.


Here's the scoop: We did around 15 miles which consisted of the following trails:

1. North Tower

2. Pine Loop

3. Green Valley

4. Hesitation Point

5. Walnut Ridge

Long story short, it was amazing. We absolutely recommend Brown County for a great mountain bike experience. These are Kyla and I's favorite trails as of right now, and here's why:



-Climbs are richly rewarded with following flow and downhill rhythm

-Climbs are challenging but not overwhelming

-There is a tasteful amount of rock gardens and technical sections. They are very challenging but few and far between

-Plenty of trail options and total length. I believe around 35 miles in total of trail options.

-Beautiful scenery

-Very well kept trails

-Easy to bail and take a park road back to your car

-Nashville (bordering town) is awesome! See our summer post on Nashville here.

*Special Note: The flow is seriously amazing. There were points where we climbed and then got into some very twisty, winding, and rhythmic downhill sections that seemed to last for a mile or two at a time...IDK how long, but the point is the flow is real...real fun...and real serious.


-...……I honestly got nothing right now on the cons side... Maybe some intense rock gardens and technical sections on Walnut Ridge, but then again its marked as expert so you know what your getting yourself into.

As you can see we were impressed. Highly recommend it. We will definitely be back...and we are tackling the whole stinkin' thing in one ride...that's the goal at least!

Fitness is a funny thing. So many times its thought of being a grind. A lot of times it is...but sometimes it is not. Find something special in your life that will give you fitness. Something fun, something meaningful, and something freeing. Mountain biking is one of Kyla and I's fitness activities of choice, but it does so much more for us than just burning the legs and checking off the cardio for the day. Mountain biking allows us to see beautiful things, go to beautiful places, to set and achieve goals, to spend time with dear friends, and to do all these things and more...TOGETHER. Find your "mountain biking" and allow it to be a part of your fitness journey. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and as always...follow your fitness. #browncountyindiana #browncountyindianamountainbiking #mountainbiking

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