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Moving Day for Parkinson's

The Morgan Family at Moving Day

Sometimes God sends you things in life that just fill you up; life-giving moments, people, experiences etc. My father always refers to these occurrences as “kisses from God.” So I want to tell you about an opportunity that Kyle and I had to get a “kiss from God.”

As some of you may know and some of you may not, my father has Parkinson's disease (PD). While this disease does not define him, ONLY JESUS DOES, it still affects his everyday life. PD is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects dopamine-producing neurons in the brain...fancy terms that are basically saying patients with PD don't have enough dopamine so their body and brain slowly lose control of certain functions. Some of the main symptoms of PD are tremors, limb rigidity, gait and balance issues and slowed movement. There is currently no cure for PD.

A few months ago we found out that the Parkinson's Foundation was putting on an event called Moving Day in Columbus Ohio. The event was to be a day focused on all different types of movement; walking, boxing, dancing, and exercise routines. Moving Day was to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease and raise funds to help develop treatments to make the lives of PD patients better! So we got a team together called Morgan Movers and set out to raise money for the Parkinson's Foundation.

Well, we exceeded our goal of $5000, and when Moving Day rolled around, with our matching blue t-shirts on, we were ready to move! And cue the rain...and more rain...and more rain. Honestly, the weather was miserable. BUT, when we arrived at the stadium we were not met by grumbles and wet complaints. No, instead we were meet by smiling faces and a comradery I have not experienced since my college track team days.

We walked around the vendor booths and were drenched in support (instead of rain...see what I did there). As we worked through each movement activity, the sense of community only grew. We cheered on my father as he volunteered for the boxing routine and worked together to learn the moves from Rock Steady Boxing. Then we ended the day by walking a few rounds around the covered part of the stadium.

As we came around for the final lap I was reminded that this is why Kyle and I do what we do. God made us to move, to be healthy, to be active and to be thankful for the life He has given us. We move to bring Him glory, to pour into others and to be people of POWER! We are so thankful we had the opportunity to be a part of Moving Day. We definitely be moving again next year! Come join us!


Obviously our fitness portion was at the event. We especially enjoyed the boxing segment from rock steady boxing. Check out their program for Parkinson's patients in the link above. Pretty great stuff!


The food portion of this trip is a shout out to a new Café we tried in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The

name...North Main Café their game...delicious breakfast food. Eggs, biscuits and gravy,

hash browns, all lovingly combined to make up the Gold Rush Bowl. And let me tell ya, we were feeling golden at the end of this meal. North Main Café, you know how to make a breakfast. I'll let the picture speak for itself.


The fuel portion also goes to North Main. Kyle got a large black iced coffee ("on the rocks") as he would say. It was smooth and earthy, just how he likes it. One for the books.

This experience is one Kyle and I will treasure for years to come. Good times, good family, good food and a GREAT GOD.

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