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Mustaches, McClures and Muscles

Most of the time our lives are made up of little moments. The small things each day end up adding up to a lifetime. As of recent, Kyle and I have had a lifestyle shift. I am going to be home full time now (I am an RN and was working part time at an Urgent care). While I know this decision is what God wants for our family, I have still struggled with my purpose and what I am defined by...And in walks the little moments...getting to hold my daughter a little longer in the first light of morning, deep cool breaths on a crisp fall run, tomatoes all over my shirt as the sauce boils over the pan...each one beautiful in its own small way. I am reminded by these moments to be thankful and grateful for the life I have been given. My purpose is so much more than a job or a role; it is made up of little moments each day, friendships, tears, sweaty feet after a workout, extra cups of coffee, hugs, baking, coffee drives, too much ice cream, sleeping in, painting, laughing and ONE GREAT GOD. So for this weeks blog I want to highlight some little places and events that mean a lot to us.


Okay, fall is in full swing here in central Indiana. And it wouldn't be a proper fall without a visit to our favorite pumpkin patch and orchard, McClure's. We went last year and honestly when we arrived we thought we had stepped into Stars Hollow (holla to my fellow Gilmore Girls fans). The grounds are complete with animals to pet, live music, play areas for the little ones and a store that will even let you indulge in Christmas a little early. Not to mention, their top notch pumpkin patch and apple orchard that they will shuttle you to. McClure's was born in a pumpkin spice latte paired with a bowl of the biggest apple dumplings you will ever eat. If you are near Peru, Indiana, McClure's is worth the trip!


Sooo why a mustache? Well, my highlighted fitness for the week included a full Kix Brooks look! We went to a Boot Scoot Boogie with some of our greatest friends and learned to country line dance. It was a blast and quite the workout, if I do say so myself! If you ever get in a rut with your workouts, change it up and try something new. You may find a hidden talent!

Kyle and I as Brooks and Dunn...and a cute sidekick


I also want to give you a little bit of Kyle's secret sauce this week. In light of this week being about the little things, I have to tell you, Kyle is the best at his consistency with workouts even on the off days. He gets it done and gets results. So here is a Kyle special for your week!

-Dynamic Warm Up

-Plyo Workout

-(Superset) Box Squat/Seated Box Jumps: 4x3/2

-Deadlifts: 4x3

-Weighted Pull Ups: 4x7

-Reverse Grip Rows: 4X7

-Seated Supinated Curls: 4x7

-Hammer Curls: 4x7

-Roman Chair Sit-Ups: 2x50

Enjoy the little things folks and follow your fitness!


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