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Nashville, Indiana

Brown County State Park mountain biking
Kyla and I after mountain biking Limekiln Trail.

Nashville Indiana holds many identities. Some call it Little Nashville, others call it Little Gatlinburg in the Little Smokies. Kyla and I call it, the hidden gem of Indiana. It's a little town that is nestled in the northern border of Brown County State Park and is packed full of arts and craft shops. They line the streets, they line the alleys, and they even form their own little clusters inside the bigger cluster that is the town itself. Perhaps the unique little shops and the foodie scene that is brilliantly showcased by the amazing Big Woods Pizza will draw you in. Or the fact that Brown County State Park is a wild beast of its own with a network of trails that allow you to horseback ride, hike, and do the best mountain biking in the state. We think everything as a whole will draw you in and keep you coming back every chance you get.


Brown County State Park

We hiked Trail 8 Loop on day 1 and mountain biked Limekiln Trail on day 2. We didn't want to do anything to challenging or to chase bragging rights, so we landed on those two things and it was a fantastic time. I'm going to put the Pros/Cons list below in a minute but let me revisit what this fitness section is and what its purpose is in each of our blogs.

Kyla and I were both collegiate athletes and we always had something to train for. So its easy now to loose track of a process and goals and direction in our training. So we both have decided to go on a journey to be as fit as we can be to do the things we want to do. We never want to be limited in our adventures and dreams because of our fitness. So half the time this section will be the cool adventures we get to do because of our fitness #followyourfitness, and the other half will be the nitty gritty of what we are doing to improve our fitness. A matter of fact, next week will be showcasing yours truly and what a typical day in the weight room/cardio corner looks like for me #selfplug.

Pros and Cons in case you are interested in Trail Loop 8 for hiking and Limekiln Trail for mountain biking.

Trail Loop 8 Pros:

-Nice and Moderate (that sweet spot where it can be an easy hike if you take it slow or more of a workout if you get on it)

-Plenty of options of branching off and seeing Ogle Lake

-A fairly easy to follow loop

Trail Loop 8 Cons:

-Wasn't as remote into the park as I thought it would be (we hiked beside the road for the first quarter to half mile)

-Fairly crowded, its a pretty popular hiking trail in Brown County

-Ogle Lake wasn't as impressive as I imagined

Limekiln Trail Pros:

-Amazing flow and speed without technical sections that interrupt rhythm!

-Very little climbing

-Beautiful setting

-Tons of fun without having to worry about getting spent on huge climbs or overly technical obstacles

Limekiln Trail Cons:

-Honestly nothing comes to mind. Maybe that its only 2.2 miles and not a loop?


Big Woods Pizza Nashville Indiana

Oh buddy. The food was phenomenal. Big Woods Pizza put on a stinkin' show. Shown in the picture are the two pizzas we got, I tried to talk Kyla into getting 10 but she somehow talked me down to two. On the right, weighing in at 6 slices and coming in at second, but just barely getting edged out of first, the Farmhouse thin crust pizza. On the Left, your champ, coming in at...not enough slices...the Turn 5 Garden thin crust pizza. I wont bore you with the ingredients of each (the menu is online) but its the type of pizza that is so fresh and baked so well, that it literally feels like your not eating anything. You can just keep going and going and going. Ok I lied about not putting the ingredients in here, I'm to excited, so here you go, the Farmhouse: Marinara, fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and grilled chicken. The Turn 5 Garden: Olive oil, fetta and mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, roma tomato, red onion, mushrooms, and black olives...enough said...lets move on.


Nashville Indiana Coffee Shop

In the heart of the hustle and bustle of the town rests an amazing little coffee shop called The Daily Grind. Some of the best iced coffee, excuse me, coffee on the rocks that I've ever had. I'm no coffee aficionado but here's the best way that I can describe it. The stronger the coffee is (if you add espresso shots or get a darker roast...or both) the more flavorful/gritty it taste. I know that may sound weird but it just doesn't taste "strong" or bitter. Its amazing that way. I ordered an iced coffee of course, just black, my sister in law Lydia ordered an iced coffee with some flavoring in it (we will let it slide this time), and Kyla ordered some fru fru drink with rainbows and unicorns and gum drops on top (the one with the whipped cream spilling over the sides). I honestly forget what she got, some sort of mocha thing. We all entered needing some caffeine, and we all left with caffeine pumping through the veins and smiles glowing on our faces.

Nashville Indiana Coffee Shop

Once again Nashville, Indiana did not disappoint. We will meet again, very, very soon. Until next time....stay classy Brown County. #browncountystatepark #browncountymountainbiking #browncountyhiking #nashvilleindiana #bigwoodspizza #fitness

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