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Our Weight Loss Diet

how to loose weight
Before and after lifestyle changes, around 55 pounds dropped.

The ever elusive and sought after diet. Nutrition is astronomically important to your goals and your results. The importance of good sustainable nutrition cannot be stressed enough, and quite frankly, the part where I said sustainable IS NOT stressed enough. Is there more than one way to skin a cat? Absolutely, but there are certain truths that you cannot ignore, and foundations that you have to build on. Learning the simple truths and sturdy foundations is the key to making a lifestyle change and finding a sustainable way to overall healthy eating.

Here's How It Works

Disclaimer: This is how it works...when we are doing great and not splurging ;) gotta treat yo self every once and a while! We loosely keep track of our macronutrients...aka proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. We do not directly keep track of calories. With our proteins, carbs, and fats we look at 3 main things:

1. The source.

Proteins: meats (beef, chicken, pork, salmon, fish, you name it), eggs, nuts, protein supplement.

Carbs: fruits, vegetables, and potatoes (sweet potatoes mainly, some red potatoes). We actually don't even do healthy grains while we are trying to cut weight. Literally just fruits, vegetables, and sweet or red potatoes for our carb sources.

Fats: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, fat from egg yolks, any animal fat via meat, nuts, avocados.

2. The amount.

Here's where a lot of people might disagree with us. I honestly believe if you are eating strictly from the sources I mentioned above, the quantity doesn't need to be meticulously thought out. It can be extremely simple. 2-4 meals a day, don't go over what a plate can hold. There you go. If you want to play around with some different amounts due to different goals you are chasing, go right ahead, but have that general guideline of 2-4 meals a day, don't go over what a plate can hold be your starting point. Side note, for all of you who are killin' the workouts, add a lot to your post workout shake and count it as a meal. Personally my post workout shake is as follows: water or kefir, protein supplement, 1 banana, 1-2 cooked sweet potatoes, all blended up. Another side note...for those of you who just can't resist the urge of throwing something down the hatch while you're watching your favorite Netflix series at's a band aid for the problem: NO CARBS, some small "snack" that's mainly protein or fat. We do straight kefir. So a glass a kefir or water kefir at night is our band aid (I understand there may be a little sugar in the kefir from the milk, but its very low and a natural source...and we aren't perfect). Find your band aid if you need it, but remember...NO CARBS that late at night. My daily template looks something like this: I do breakfast, post workout shake, lunch, dinner, then kefir at night (I don't count the "band aid snack" at night as a meal or anything...sue me).

3. The Timing.

Once again keep it simple. Space out your 2-4 meals around the normal meal times, try to avoid late dinners...keep it 4p.m.-6p.m. if at all possible...and try not to eat after dinner...if that's a struggle and you must have something, have a healthy "band aid snack" at night like we talked about.

Past, Present, and Future

Kyla and I have gotten a lot better about healthy nutrition since we first got married. I believe we have made lifestyle changes that are now sustainable...but...its time to go next level. We definitely aren't perfect at this whole nutrition aspect of being fit, and wont ever be, but we need to get to a point where the next level is our new normal. So here are the goals:

Myself: I am around 223-228 bodyweight right now, I cheat on my diet probably 20-30% of the time, and I am the fittest I have ever been, in a wholistic view, but not the strongest I've ever been. Before January 1st, 2019 I want to be 215-220, cheating on my diet 10-20% of the time, and the fittest and strongest I've ever been.

Kyla: Kyla is consistently 148-150 bodyweight...she said I could put down her weight, trust me, I asked first...and she would simply like to consistently be in the 130's by January 1st, 2019.

We will keep you guys posted on this effort to dive into the next level of our nutrition game. This was a quick overview to give you guys some insight into what has worked for Kyla and I. We will do more insightful and detailed posts about our diet as we go so feel free to share this and subscribe! This will definitely be challenging, but most definitely rewarding! Kyla and I are still waiting for some scientist somewhere to make donuts and ice cream healthy without changing the taste...but until then, we are ready for this challenge! Remember, start making changes, don't let best become the enemy of better, and as always...follow your fitness!

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