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Plyos and Pizza

My wife, simply put, is a beast. Kyla is an extremely gifted athlete who is just as strong mentally as she is physically. She was an All-American heptathlete in college where I've seen her run a 25.32 second 200 meter dash (the answer to all you men out there who are wondering if she is faster than yes...yes she is) a 2:24.26 in the 800 meter, and throw the shot put nearly 40 feet. In fact, she still holds the Indiana Wesleyan University's school record in the heptathlon. I'm a little foggy on the details, but rumor has it she turned down the roll for Wonder Woman and graciously let Gal Gadot take over. I'm not sure, just what I heard. All that to say, Kyla is a stinkin' awesome athlete. This week, she demonstrated a wonderful workout and showed how to make plyos/body weight movements extremely beneficial to your fitness. We also are going to show you what Wabash, Indiana has to offer in the FOOD and FUEL department.


Staying fit is all about finding a way to sustain your workouts, and a huge key to this is to simply do something you love. With Kyla's extensive athletic background she has had tons of experience with plyometrics. Plyometrics, or plyos, are basically bodyweight movements done as hard and as explosive as possible. I left out a bunch of science such as rate of force and amortization phase, but lets keep it simple. A very common example of a plyo would be the ever so famous box jump. This being said, We created a fairly short, full body, high intensity workout based around plyometrics and body weight movements here. The details for those of you who watched the demonstration video...if you haven't you should, its linked in the previous as follows:


High Knees: Roughly 10 meters down and back

Butt Kicks: Roughly 10 meters down and back

A Skips: Roughly 10 meters down and back

B Skips: Roughly 10 meters down and back

C Skips: Roughly 10 meters down and back


Box High Knees: 2 sets of 10 reps (each leg)/30-60 seconds rest between sets

Step Up Jumps: 2 sets of 10 reps (each leg)/30-60 seconds rest between sets

Box Jumps: 2 sets of 5 reps

Side to Side Line Hops: 2 sets of 10 seconds on/30-60 seconds rest

Forward/Backwards Line Hops: 2 sets of 10 seconds on/30-60 seconds of rest

Right Leads: 2 sets of 10 seconds on/30-60 seconds of rest

Left Leads: 2 sets of 10 seconds on/30-60 seconds of rest

Med Ball Slams: 2 sets of 10 reps

Med Ball Trunk Twists: 2 sets of 10 reps (each side)

Crunches: 2 sets of 15

Bicycles: 2 sets of 15 (each side)


Just at the south edge of Wabash, Indiana rests a sleepy little pizza place called Una Bellas Napoletana. It has just recently moved up the ranks and is now my favorite pizza...of all time. Granted, 1st-3rd is real tight, so its a fairly fluid list. Anyways, we went there this week and were once again blown away. Its wood fired, extremely fresh, and don't quote me on this, but it looks like the owner makes all of the pizzas himself. He has truly mastered his craft. We ordered two pizzas, a margherita pizza and a sausage pizza. If you google fresh, a picture of this margherita pizza with its basil leaf would pop up.

It was amazing but I have never tasted a sausage pizza like theirs. Unique and loaded down comes to mind when picking tag phrases for it. The sausage pizza has a sweet red pepper thing on it that is a truly amazing contrast of sweet and spicy and is what really sets it apart in my opinion. One more thing, the place always have a killer playlist. Its the weirdest thing, they nail every song. Its more catered to your oldies/blue grassy/country crowd, but non-the-less it sets the mood for some fine pizza dining. If your ever passing through Wabash, give Una Bellas Napoletana a try. You wont be disappointed.


Modoc was a circus elephant who during a performance at Wabash High School on November 11, 1942, escaped the show chasing after the alluring smell of fresh roasted peanuts from Bradley Brothers Drug Store in downtown Wabash. She then proceeded to smash through the front door, downed the peanuts, and went on a 5 day rampage through 2 counties. That little stunt earned her the title of the most famous elephant in America during that week, and inspired the name for Modoc's Coffee Shop in downtown Wabash.

Modoc's is a favorite of ours and is actually where we birthed this idea for Vagabond Fit...there's a direct correlation between caffeine consumption and idea slinging...If I had to choose my favorite coffee shop right would be Modoc's. Its not even about the coffee though. Grabbing a cup of coffee somewhere isn't always about the coffee itself, its about the experience. Time after time after time after time...we go to Modoc's a delivers a great cup of iced coffee and iced vanilla chai (for the wife...ok I had one once and I hated how much I loved it), a great location, a great environment, and ultimately a great experience. I can't say enough good things about Modoc's

Remember folks, you have the freedom to work your butts off however you want. Pick something you know/love and get after it. Be sustainable and build from there, and as always, follow your fitness. #followyourfitness #plyos #plyometrics #downtownwabash #wabashindiana

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