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Santa Came Early...

With the thought of everyone traveling and being in transit between gyms and weekly workout routines, we thought fitness Santa would come early and drop off a body weight workout for you guys to try. This isn't just any workout...this is day 1 from our training manual in our subscription boxes. A couple things...Its a circuit, so little to no rest. Each segment is 2 times through...except for the burner round...but if you're feeling real saucy, go ahead and blaze through each one 3 dog you. Feel it out, have fun with it, and make sure you're hydrated, healthy, and well fueled. There is a video demonstration on our Facebook page, link right here. Lets do this:

WARM UP: 2 Times Through

-5 Each Leg Walking Knee Hugs

-5 Each Leg Walking Heel Hugs

-5 Each Arm Shoulder Touches

-10 Jumping Jacks

ROUND 1: 2 Times Through

-10 Squats (Go deep with a straight back)

-15 Sec. Plank (No tents, keep that back straight)

-5 Each Leg Lateral Lunges (I know...they suck)

-10 Each Leg Mountain Climbers

ROUND 2: 2 Times Through

-10 Push Ups

-10 Crunches

-10 Reverse Snow Angels (Check out the video link above if you don't know)

-10 Each Side Bicycles

BURNER: 1 Time Through (Your welcome)

-10-20 Burpees

STRETCHING: 2 Times Through (I know you don't want to, but you need to)

-20 Sec. Touch Your Toes

-20 Sec. Right Quad Hold

-20 Sec. Left Quad Hold

-20 Sec. Butterfly Hold

Hope this wets your whistle and gives you a little motivation to hit it once or twice over the Christmas week, whether you're away or just can't leave the house to get to the gym. Also, if this workout peaks your interest, click the picture of our subscription box to the right, and plug in your email for a chance to win a free one this month.

Kyla and I can't wait for Christmas and spending time with family...and food. Not only will it be filled with the good feels of catching up with everyone and spending quality time with those who matter the most, but it will be a time of dreaming and contemplating what the new year might bring. You can find me in Modocs, sitting across from Kyla, with a dangerously strong iced coffee in hand, talking and scheming about the Vagabond Fit adventures we will cook up in 2019...and taking turns corralling our daughter to the corner we claimed for the morning. As I stated before, Kyla and I will be spending time with Family over the week of Christmas, so this will be the last blog post until the first week in 2019! So merry Christmas everyone! Thank God for your blessings, enjoy your time with loved ones, and dream of new and exciting ways to follow your fitness in 2019. God Bless,

Kyle and Kyla Abney

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