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We're Putting Fitness in a Box

There are a number of things that Kyla and I are passionate about. Family, friends, adventure, God's creation, the list has a handful more on it, but one HUGE item is FITNESS. Fitness has been a massive part of our lives. From athletics, dreams, motivation, goals, and even our has been a facet of our lives that has opened the door to so many positive opportunities and outcomes. I have continued pouring into this passion as a collegiate strength coach, and through the many years I have spent diving into the discipline of physical fitness, I have learned many valuable things. My career as a college athlete and my professional career as a coach have led me to a simple discovery...that there is a big need to fill...the need of educating people on how to improve and sustain their fitness. When your passion has the ability to directly meet a need, that is a very, VERY, powerful opportunity. So that begs the question, what are we going to do about it? Funny you should ask, we are going to start filling this need with our very own subscription box: The Vagabond Fit Box.

Our jump off point is to first attack the needs of young men and women wanting to learn the fundamentals of weightlifting and bodyweight exercises (depending on age and or facility limitations), and the general aspects around obtaining fitness and physical performance. The box will come every month and will contain the contents needed to INSTRUCT, EDUCATE, AND MOTIVATE everyone to accomplish each month's workouts, to get to know us as there trainers...aaaannnnddd…some other fun things to keep it light and fresh!

If you know any families with young men or women (grade school, middle school, high school, or even older!) that want to be more active and learn how to workout correctly and see results...share this with them! Or if you know any families that homeschool their children and need a fun physical activity to try...send this their way! We are trying to spread our passion for fitness to every household we can. So if you are interested, curious, or just want to see if you can win a free box, click the picture below to join the mailing list for updates, sneak peaks, I said...the chance to win a free box. We will pick 1 random recipient to win the first box for free! (P.S. make sure you wait for the "join email list" prompt to load. Its load time varies depending on internet connection strength). Thank you for reading and I hope this excites you guys or at least sparks some curiosity. Stay tuned for more reviews of our adventures, and as always, follow your fitness!

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