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Workouts 101 and Smallmouth Honey Holes

One of the great things about adventures is that they don't have to be extravagant. So many times we see these lush travel destinations showcased through perfect social media lenses, where everything seems to be staged or fabricated for the shot. I mean, traveling the world, eating the finest foods, and seeing the most beautiful places on earth makes for a fantastic looking Instagram...there's nothing wrong with that, but is it a realistic weekend getaway for most of us? Probably not. Kyla and I are simple folk. We are a small town couple who love trips/getaways that involve mountain biking, hiking, fitness, food, nature, great food and doing all that for a price tag that is in the 3 figure range, if not the 2 figure range...or even better Heck, a good majority of what we do is right on the edge of town...shown above is one of my favorite smallmouth fishing holes in the Mississinewa River...quick side note for those of you fishing enthusiast out there: If you're in the area and fish the river, use a soft plastic worm (I use a dark red color), set it up with a wacky rig (just hook it in the middle so the two ends can bounce and wiggle around), find a rapid run, cast it in, and let it bounce off the bottom down the run and every so often jig it slowly up and down, and repeat. Most of the time it works like a charm for the old bronzebacks. Anyways...the point is to just get out and start exploring. Sometimes the most treasured spots and cleansing getaways are right under your nose. We want to give you guys a glimpse into our training, our adventures, and our general vagabond fitness.


We are starting a You Tube series on our channel called workouts 101. I have been lucky enough to have learned a tremendous amount about strength/fitness training through my years as an athlete and my present time as a collegiate strength coach...Kyla and I are very grateful for this and want to share that with you guys. The point of workouts 101 is to just start sharing great workout tips and answering questions that you guys will hopefully have...check out our first video about bent over rows and saving your lower back from any strain or pain: here. We want these videos to almost be like an open forum. So please watch it, subscribe to our channel, share, and comment with questions you want answered. This is all I'm going to write about the hopefully you guys are curious enough to click on the link above and watch it! ;)


I've been practicing my meat cooking skills. I want to be that know...the guy that cooks the best steak or chops or whatever...its one of those life goals and it seems like a good dad move. This week though, my efforts were fully focused on salmon...and my taste buds were richly rewarded. Unfortunately Kyla did not get to taste any...I ate it all....sorry. Nonetheless, here's how I did it:

1. Get a thick, not frozen, salmon fillet.

2. Put garlic powder, lemon pepper, and salt on the washed off fillet

3. Put the freshly seasoned fillet in the following marinade: soy sauce, brown sugar, vegetable or olive oil, and water. Let sit for at least a few hours. Look here for specifics:

4. Make the following sauce: microwave fresh garlic cloves and olive oil until you can mush it all together, add mayonnaise and mix it all together once again. Take the fillet out of the marinade and add this sauce on top and sprinkle a good amount of parmesan cheese on top of the sauce. The parmesan cheese will make a crust on the garlic mayonnaise that's on the fillet.

5. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 18-25 minutes depending on thickness of the salmon.

Boom! Then you will have something like this:


Aroma coffee shop in Peru, Indiana. We like it. It's a nice change up spot if you will, not necessarily a staple like Modoc's in Wabash, Indiana. Still good coffee and a great time. The iced coffee...excuse on the rocks...was pretty dang good. A big taste with a big caffeine punch to the face. My wife enjoyed her froo froo gumdrop cotton candy express as well...I think it was a vanilla chai latte or something...and of course we got a nice cinnamon muffin for the little one! Which she wolfed down like a champ. #prouddad

Keep it simple folks. Its important to just get out and do something, even if its something small. After all, you never know what you'll find, and it's the simple pleasures in life that lead to some of the most complex joys. Remember to watch our first workouts 101 video and subscribe to our You Tube channel here, and as always...follow your fitness!

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